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Post Wed Nov 14, 2012 8:18 pm
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After several months on constant fighting and testing against code, cars, tracks, gmts, gdb or tbc files even with internal physics, we finally enhanced rfactor!! what a successful feeling!

When I first started working on this I though it would be easier, but it was only after Marco joined the team that I realized the long way still pending ahead. We have done a lot of work, and currently rFactor can still fight against state of the art simulators, however there is still so much to do, too many ideas and suggestions, that it is quite impossible to see the end of this road!

Now, when I look back to how it was one year ago, I realize how much effort we have put into this project, and how exhausted we are now that this first public version has been released.

Your greetings are welcome and actually, when I do see the forum numbers I'm pretty impressed about how much interest this project has raised. We have made the plugin freely available for everyone to enjoy it, and we will keep doing this with the rest of the RFE Components, but I can think of several things you can do to help us, so I have compiled the following list:

- invite us to a beer.
- help us to buy a gift to our wives so they leave us more time to work on this.
- contribute with the costs of the testing servers or this website.
- let ilo buy a steering wheel!!! (see
- your own choice

If you want us to keep pushing this project, any contribution will be appreciated!

Thanks in advance

Iñaki López (ilo), Founder & CEO of, Development Director of RFE Plugin Series, Co-Admin of

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